Saturday, October 15, 2011

Lawrence Family Legacy

Thanks to a distant cousin of Les', Barbara (Lawrence) Witham of Maine, Eileen and I recently received new images of family members not seen before.  Amongst the pictures were images of Eileen's great-grandparents Laban and Clara.  Posted here for all to enjoy.  Thanks again Barbara for sending these.

Oct 1966 - Thelma & Cyril Lawrence, Cape May, N. J.  Dog Angie is 20 years old.

c. 1950;  Leslie Lawrence & his mother Thelma

Standing L-R; Bliss B. & Leslie A.;  Seated; Cyril & their mother, Clara Lawrence Harris in Beverly, Mass.

Clara and Laban Fremont Lawrence

Grandma Clara Lawrence Harris with son Cyril and dog in Beverly, Mass.

                             George & Clara Lawrence Harris' home on Liberty St., Rockland, Mass.                                                        (I think that Un. Cyril and Aunt Thelma are standing on the right side)

George & Clara Lawrence Harris' home on Liberty St., Rockland, Mass. - side view  George Harris probably did some of the building as he was an excellent carpenter.  The little extension on the side was Grandma's idea - it was built so the iceman could put ice in the icebox, but not get into the kitchen.

Brothers - Bliss & Leslie Lawrence in Beverly Mass.

L-R; Bliss B., Clara Lawrence Harris, Leslie & Cyril in Beverly, Mass.

Cyril Laban Lawrence taken March 15, 1941

Clara (Bowser) Lawrence Harris

Cyril, Bliss & Leslie Lawrence