Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day 2011


On this day let us stop and remember those who have 
served our country in times of war and peace, 
both living and departed.  

We salute you!

Leslie deMille Lawrence
Spencer O'Neal
William M. Schuessler
Burton Bair
Henry 'Hank' Schuessler
William Clinton O'Neal
Micheal Shouse

 I know that there are many other family members to be recognized on this 
Memorial Day 2011

We also recognize ...

Steven deMille Lawrence
Craig Martin Lawrence
Matthew Steven deMille Lawrence
Cyril Lawrence

Family members ... if you have a photo of a family member listed or not-listed above,
send it to me and I'll add it.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Old Photos - Paul and Alice (Nanny) Muller

Haven't posted in a while due to a lot going on at school ... end of the year stuff.  So here are some flashback memories of Nanny and Grandpa Muller ... and then some :-)

Thanksgiving at Lucretia and Spencer O'Neal's - 1967 
 (from L-R) Lois Muller, Dorothy Parker, Alice Muller, Brian Muller

Paul Earnest Muller - (Grandpa) - Gebweiler - c.1902?

Richmond Versatile Orchestra
Paul Muller at the Piano

Meurot Club Orchestra
 Paul Muller at the Piano

Jim Mahoney Orchestra
 Paul Muller at the Piano

Alice R. Muller (nee Rasmussen)

 I believe both this picture and the one below are taken at 
Castleton Avenue, Staten Island

Thomas Rasmussen, Alice R. and Paul Muller
Thomas was a big man, but this picture also shows that Paul was not that tall.  
(hmm, maybe that's why I'm so short!)

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Mini Muller Reunion

Yesterday Wendy Muller and David Krebs were united in Marriage. [May 13, 2011]

Much of the Muller family was there. Although I was not able to be in attendance at the Wedding, I was able to be at the brunch held today. Gathered there were most of my cousins; Jan, Keith, Robin, Scott as well as Aunt Sylvia. My mom and dad were there along with my uncle Walter ("butchie") and aunt Pattie as well as my sister Lisa. A good time was had by all.

                 Sylvia (Aune) Muller                     Robin, Scott, Keith, Jan & Sylvia

          Walter, Madison & Paul Muller               Robin (Gart) and Paul Muller

                                                    The Muller Boys
                                       Paul, Brian, Walter, Scott & Keith

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The Flower Garden

The Flower Garden


Bernardine Oborn

Bernadine and Maurice Oborn; 7-Sep-1947

The Flower Garden

Just outside the garden gate
Where all is Love and never late
Fond lovers stroll from far and near
On summer nights when skies are clear.

I suppose you wonder why they come
Not hosts of them, but always some,
There’s wondrous beauty to be seen
Along the fence, a little stream

With stars above and moon so bright
They cast a gorgeous ray of light,
Roses in wondrous shades to see
For all the world without a fee.

Little children as they play
And romp around from day to day
Never think to touch a rose,
Just stop and look and sort of  pose.

They wonder too in their young minds
‘who is the one whose been so kind?’
The perfume sweet that comes from them
When waving proudly on their stem,
Can ne’er be bought for price of gold
As little babes in arms enfold.

To beautify the garden walls,
The water trickles into Falls,
With such a background in the rear
No wonder everything’s so dear.

A fountain with a soft and gentle spray
Was placed there too, to lend a ray,
Far down the lane but just in sight
Live two dear souls who’ve reached their height.

Not just in inches, do we mean
But things in life, worthwhile, they’ve seen.
Since now they’ve reached a sweet old age
Their deeds of kindness fill a page.

They always loved to work and do
Not like so many, just for two,
But give, and work, and live and strife
Has always been their happy life.

So now, that this glad day is o’er
Their thoughts, to cheer folks, always soar,
So this is why the roses grew
And makes the saddest feel like new.

The joy they reap in bringing cheer
Makes everything in life most dear.
Their journey soon on earth will end
So let’s be kind and not offend.

Enjoy each rose and flower there
Ne’er pluck a one and leave it bare,
For these old folks who placed them there
Will soon be climbing up the stair.

Not in their home that’s just sublime
But higher up in that fair clime,
Not made by hands of men alone
But God, himself, for seeds they’ve sown.

Bernardine Oborn

Monday, May 2, 2011

Woodland Cemetery Project

It was March of 2010 that I was doing some local research into the extended family trees of the deMille lineage.  During that process I was able to locate some of the resting places of various ancestors located at the Woodland Cemetery in Stamford, CT.  My research eventually led to the USGENWEB project.  Searching through the Woodland Cemetery records (  I came across the following note ...

Stone declaring that the remains of Seth and Deborah Palmer, and Hannah, William S., and Deborah Quintard had been removed from the family burying ground on Palmer's Hill in Greenwich, CT, April 1905. 

I found this intriguing and decided that with this information and more it was time to visit the cemetery.  

Eventually, I did find the stone mentioned above, but the note about it lacked many details. The monument stone actually read ... 

"The remains of Seth and Deborah Palmer, Hannah, William S. and Deborah Quintard, as named on the tombstones in this plot were removed from the family burying ground on Palmer's Hill, Greenwich, Conn., April 1905".  

The words "on the tombstones in this plot", stuck in my head and looking about the monument I could only detect one stone ... partially buried by turf. 

Going on a hunch, I poked the ground around the monument and sure enough discovered that the other stones did exist, but they were buried and overgrown with turf.  

It should be noted that this cemetery is well kept, but as these stones were laid flat, over the years they disappeared.  Wanting to do more, I went to the cemetery office to inquire as what was the protocol for unearthing these lost markers.  After the office helped me look for the records for that particular plot showing the locations of the individuals interred there, I inquired about how to unearth the stones.  Essentially, there was no protocol.  If they have been buried that long, it meant that family since has moved on and has forgotten them.  

So with shovel, trowel, pail and camera, I set up another day to come back and unearth these lost tributes and recorded them both in pictures and transcriptions.  

Quintard, Deborah, daughter of Isaac & Hannah [Palmer], died Feb. 11, 1792, 
age 4 yrs.  Grand Daugh. of Seth & Deborah Palmer 

Quintard, Hannah, wife of Isaac, daughter of Capt. Seth Palmer & Deborah [Peck]
died May 12, 1811, age 40 yrs.

Palmer, Seth, died Jan 25, 1831, age 90 yrs.
[probably son of Messenger Palmer & Sybil Wood]

Quintard, William S, died July 14, 1820, age 30 yrs.
[probably William Seth Quintard, son of Isaac Quintard, Jr. & Hannah Palmer]

Palmer, Deborah, died July 18, 1837, age 91 yrs.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Arne T. Aune

It is interesting when doing research what you find and what you don't find.  For a while now, I was not aware of Arne T. Aune's father's name.  Without that information, research can be more difficult.  Even after contacting Sylvia Muller (Aune), she couldn't remember much of her grandfather or much of the family history beyond her father Arne.  But, as I was reviewing documents that I have had on for a while ... there it was ... his father's name ... Karl A. Aune.  Although a lot of information is transcribed and put into a searchable database, much is left out ... and this was one of those cases.  :-)

Descendants of Karl A. Aune
1-Karl A Aune
|--2-Arne T Aune b. 31 Oct 1897, Norway, d. 9 May 1980, Fort Lauderdale,
|    Broward, Florida, United States Of America
    +Turid Aune
   |--3-Evelyn Ragna Aune b. 3 Sep 1925, Bayonne, New Jersey, d. 30 Jul 2007,
   |    Waldwick, Bergen, New Jersey, United States Of America
   |   +Chambers
   |--3-Sylvia Aune
       +Robert Louis Muller b. 4 Sep 1927, New York, d. 25 Mar 2008, Melbourne,
        Brevard, Florida
      |--4-Jan Alyce Muller
      |--4-Keith Robert Muller
      |--4-Robin Lynn Muller
      |   +Jonathan Gart
      |--4-Scott Douglas Muller
          +Vera Vojin
         |--5-Madison Muller