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Trip to Sackville to find the "Lawrences" part one

July 27, 2011

This was a long day trip from Frenchville, Me … Eileen and I left at 5:45 am and arrived in the area Sackville, New Brunswick, Canada around 11:00 am.  It had rained on and off all day … a very wet day.  After arriving in the area we first got a bite to eat then headed for a cemetery (not knowing what or where it was) that was listed on an copy of a 1862 map that I had come across.  I thought it might be the Four Corners Burying Ground, but as it turns out it was the Old Methodist Cemetery.  There were two cemeteries that we knew we wanted to visit as they would contain the remains of family members. 

So listed below are what we found in the  Four Corners Burying Ground

Four Corners Burying Ground
137-163 Church Street
Middle Sackville, NB.
GPS N45.93529 W64.34015
Aka Upper Sackville Cemetery (Doug Ayers) and Tantramar Cemetery (W.C. Milner)
Church Street

Section 3

         Sacred                                        Sacred
 To the memory of                        To the memory of
        William                                       Sarah
      Lawrence                                    Wife of
Who departed this life                 William Lawrence
      April 7 1857                        who departed this life
  In the 86th year of                        Nov. 21 1855
         his age                                   (aged 80 yrs)


William, George & James Lawrence
                      In Memory
                    Of their father
               William Lawrence
  Who departed this life July 2nd 1822
 Our father, dear long struggled here
       His years will tell four score
    Hope and trust he’s now at rest
         Trouble knows no more.

 The record below was found at the Boultenhouse Heritage Museum.  I didn’t take a shot of the stone as I couldn’t read it. The stone should be the third from the left in the picture below.

            Erected in memory of
      Huldah, the wife of William                                      
       Lawrence and three of their
     Children who lie near this stone
Their Son David November 27th 1777
          Aged 7 month; died and
 Their Daughter Huldah died March
         23rd 1782 Aged 3 years.
  Their Son Nathan died April 25th
          1795 in his 20th year.
 And Huldah Lawrence the mother
  Departed this life January the 14th
   1803 in the 57th year of her age.

(also) D.L., H.L., N.L., and H.L., [footstone]
Did not see these … maybe under turf – future excavation?

       Nathan Lawrence
           April 21 1875
                AE 74
           Also his wife
        Died June 7, 1844
                AE 39

           Martha Ann
            March 1847
                 AE 9
          Thos Ansley
       Died Oct. 16 1848
                                                         AE 22
                                               Children of N & A                         

NOTE:  I think this is part of the family of George and Mary Eddy Lawrence, but not sure as the record that I have of their ‘Nathan’ is born  in 1820 … according to the tombstone, he would have to be born in 1801.

The text below from records in Boultenhouse Heritage Museum … Stone is too covered with moss to actually read at this time – need to be cleaned in the future.

   Eddy Lawrence
December 20th 1818*
           AE 19

George Lawrence                Joseph Lawrence
          Died                                        Died
   Sept. 1, 1829                          April 7, 1860
  Aged 57 Years                        Aged 46 Years

        Mary                                Eddy Lawrence
   His wife died                                   Died
  Sept 19, 1867                           Dec 20, 1834*
  Aged 91 Years                          Aged 19 years

* I believe this date as recorded on the monument stone is in error if one compares it to the Headstone for ‘Eddy' [Confusion of year w/ Sibling Olive?]

Olive Lawrence
    Dec. 23, 1834
   Aged 29 Years

 Mary Lawrence
    June 6, 1830
  Aged 11 Years

Rebecca Bulmer 
(Rebecca Lawrence)
   July 9, 1859
 Aged 40 Years

                                          John & Nelson
                                               Sons of
                                        Rebecca Bulmer

       Sacred to the Memory of 
                 Elijah Ayer
  A Native of Norwich Connectcut
   Who died the 16th Nove, 1799
              In his 73rd Year

                         (Thomas Ayer is also next to Elijah)
                                          Thomas Ayer
                                         May 24, 1829
                                        Aged 62 years

Taken from records at Boultenhouse Heritage Museum as stone is too deteriorated to read …

                [In Memory of]
     Daughter of George & Mary
    Lawrence who died June 6th
      in the 11th year of her age
                   And also
    Their daughter who died [in]
1834 in the 23rd year of her [age]

Nelson Lawrence
    1815 - 1897

               J. Elizabeth
               April 5 1878
            Aged 4 yrs, 9 mos.
                Little Mary
              April 13, 1878
           Aged 2 yrs, 2 mos.
          Children of Jane &
           Nelson Lawrence

                    Four lines of epithet – need to be cleaned
                                    So it can be read – Future Trip

   Sarah Jane
      Wife of
Nelson Lawrence
   1842 - 1919

Section 4                            

Laben Lawrence  (This Eileen's GG-grandfather)
  July 17, 1875
   Aged 69 yrs

Elizabeth (1st Wife)
                                                                                       Wife of
                                                                                Laben Lawrence 
                                                                                   Nov 17 1864
                                                                                  Aged 58 years

  Lucretia A. (2nd Wife)
             Life of
     Laben Lawrence
        1828 – 1909

Look for more to come in part two ... Westcock Cemetery

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