Saturday, April 23, 2011

Ambler Farm - Wilton Connecticut

Betty Ambler was the last of the Raymond-Ambler family to live at Ambler Farm. She lived there most of her life until her death in 1998. The following year, the Town of Wilton, with overwhelming taxpayer support, purchased 22 acres of this beautiful 200-year-old working farm as part of the open-space initiative. However, because the complex consisted of historic houses, barns and various out-buildings, this acquisition was unlike any other and prompted the town to appoint a steering committee to consider the farm’s future. From this committee, a non-profit group called the Friends of Ambler Farm was formed and a mission crafted to celebrate Wilton's agrarian roots through active-learning programs, sustainable agriculture, responsible land stewardship, and historic preservation.

Betty Ambler was the daughter of Anna Christiana (Schuessler) Ambler ... Aunt to Joyce Anna (Schuessler) Lawrence.  Anna was born on 14 May, 1893 and died on 25 October, 1988.  I can recall briefly meeting Anna with Eileen before we got married, Anna passing shortly thereafter.  Anna married Charles Meeker Ambler on 11 April, 1918. On the 22nd of June, 1919, Elizabeth (Betty) Raymond Ambler was born.  She was the only child born to the union of Charles and Anna.  As you can see from the excerpt above after her parents deaths, Betty continued to live at the farm until her death.  Today the farm is a working agricultural farm providing fresh produce to the local community and providing programs in preserving both the history of farming and the history of the people who lived there.  Ironically, 15 years later, Eileen and I have not been there, so one of my goals this spring is to visit the farm and see what other historical and genealogical finds I might be able to unearth.

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