Monday, April 25, 2011

Sackville, NB; The Tantramar and Acadian History

Fellow Researchers and Family ... Check out this site.  Mount Allison University hosts this great resource.  Here you can not only find out about life on the Tantramar, but also a historical overview of Acadian life.  As a bonus for family members, many of their records include information on the Lawrence Family lineage.  Below are a few examples.

Retrieval Number: 7001/123
Freeholders of Sackville meeting report, January 16, 1797.
(Elijah Ayers, William Lawrence, Nehemiah Ayers & John Barnes) 

Retrieval Number: 7740/2/6/7
West Body Marsh District No. 3
(no. 102 'Mrs. Lawrence)

This site is loaded with more images like this and much more ... a great resource.  Throughout the site I was able to locate family related information in maps, city assessments, wills, meeting minutes, etc. There are other resources as well including personal diaries and vintage photo's of the people and agricultural life on the Tantramar.

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