Sunday, May 1, 2011

Arne T. Aune

It is interesting when doing research what you find and what you don't find.  For a while now, I was not aware of Arne T. Aune's father's name.  Without that information, research can be more difficult.  Even after contacting Sylvia Muller (Aune), she couldn't remember much of her grandfather or much of the family history beyond her father Arne.  But, as I was reviewing documents that I have had on for a while ... there it was ... his father's name ... Karl A. Aune.  Although a lot of information is transcribed and put into a searchable database, much is left out ... and this was one of those cases.  :-)

Descendants of Karl A. Aune
1-Karl A Aune
|--2-Arne T Aune b. 31 Oct 1897, Norway, d. 9 May 1980, Fort Lauderdale,
|    Broward, Florida, United States Of America
    +Turid Aune
   |--3-Evelyn Ragna Aune b. 3 Sep 1925, Bayonne, New Jersey, d. 30 Jul 2007,
   |    Waldwick, Bergen, New Jersey, United States Of America
   |   +Chambers
   |--3-Sylvia Aune
       +Robert Louis Muller b. 4 Sep 1927, New York, d. 25 Mar 2008, Melbourne,
        Brevard, Florida
      |--4-Jan Alyce Muller
      |--4-Keith Robert Muller
      |--4-Robin Lynn Muller
      |   +Jonathan Gart
      |--4-Scott Douglas Muller
          +Vera Vojin
         |--5-Madison Muller

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